Smokin Brothers

Smokin Brothers pellet grills are American Made and built to last. These grills just simply perform. They are very even heat from cold smoke mode up to 600 degrees with the Heatwave technology. Stop by and see for yourself all the features of the Smokin Brothers premium wood pellet grills.

Louisiana Grills

Louisiana Grills has revamped their pellet grill line up and have made grills with some of the heaviest steel and stainless steel found on pellet grills. When you grab the lid you know it's not just another flimsy grill. The Founders Legacy grills deliver an elite outdoor cooking experience with stainless grates, griddles and temperatures reaching 600 degrees to sear that perfect steak.

Camp Chef Grills

Camp Chef Grills offer the widest selection of grilling accessories. They have innovative options like the sidekick, jerky trays and sear boxes to give you a product that can really do all your outdoor grilling and cooking.

Twin Eagles Grills

Twin Eagles Grills has taken the pellet grilling to a completely different level in outdoor cooking. The grill has the widest range of temperatures from 140 to over 600 degrees. The grill is controlled by the state of the art touch screen controller. There are options to have direct sear and use charcoal.

Myron Mixon

The Myron Mixon line of pellet smokers is our largest cooking units. There are many things that make this a great cooker.The large capacity, heavy build with double wall sides and lid. When you set the temperature,it will stay very steady even during the cold winter months.They are built right here in the USA by Smokin Brothers. This is an awesome product if you are looking for more smoking volume.